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Santorin is the lower island of Cyclades, on the end of Aegean’s Volcanic Arc. Santorin’s shape was round till 3500 years ago, till the great explosion of her volcano led to the landslide of half the island, 381 meters below the surface of the sea. Kaldera was the result of this extreme geological phenomenon, one of the most imposing and beautiful landscapes of the world.

The fifty meter thick tephra overlaid on the island, due to the explosion, after being solidificated, became the ideal place for the indigenous to dig in their new homes and wineries, from the scratch. This massive activity created the “Yposkafa”, whole neighborhoods of human burrows on the edge of the cliff having the best view on the island.

Three architects, having three old underground residences of their own in Oia, the most beautiful and picturesque village of the island, decide to repair and reuse them, using the most strong, resistant and sustainable materials along with their true desire. The location of the unit, on a natural monticule of the cliff, provides the most wide panoramic view of the Caldera.

The absolute view, combined to the especial aesthetics with respect to the local architecture, create an ultimate living experience in fully organized apartments. The traditional room, the modern materials, the best sleep conditions, the volcano’s pulse…
The view from a seagull’s eye!